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Single Coupler

Dimension  : ø48 mm
Material  : Drop Forged
Weight  : 0.50 kg
Plating  : Available

Technicial Specifications

  • They are used for the purpose of gripping two ø48 mm. outside diameter tubes. Produced in steel forging quality. (They are also produced in metal sheet quality but they are not preferred by manufacturers that produces the high quality products)
  • Formed from total 5 parts. 2 main parts which will grip two pipes from all around, 1 pins, 1 bolts and 1 nuts which attach 2 parts.
  • Just like one chain is as strong as its weakest ring, couplers also gain durability and function in direct proportion with the strength of its constituent parts.
  • For this reason in coulers different bolts and nuts are used. . Complies with en-74 requirements for Europe in the production. T bolts are replaceable.
  • T bolt quality is generally 5.6 but it may be done 8.8 by choice. It provides maximum reliability with its high durability and long lasting enduring.
  • The spanner which will be used for screwing the nut is no: 21 for the set up of the product.
  • It is electro galvanised against the corrosion risk which would lower the performance.
  • Ribs which grips the surface prevent the slipping of the tubes.
  • It complies with welding process because it is a drop forged product.
  • The usage area can be expanded with the help of hole which is at the bottom.
  • Average weight is 0,5 kg (+-0,05 kg)

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