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Bottom Cup

Material  : Sac 5mm
Weight  : 0.20 kg
Plating  : Not

Technicial Specifications

  • They form the lower component at the joint point with the horizontal element in the cup lock scaffolding vertical elements.
  • It goes into the ø48 mm. outside diameter scaffolding tube and welding process is applied.
  • It is generally produced from 5mm metal sheet. That’s why it is highly efficient in welding process. It provides maximum reliability and quality because of its metal thickness among the similars.
  • They are compatible with the horizontal elements.
  • It keeps the hot dipped galvanised efficiency in maximum level. There isn’t any coating on it.
  • There are small gaps at the welded edges for the draining of the galvanise.
  • Average weight is 0,20 kg (+-0,02 kg).

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