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Board Coupler

Dimension  : ø48 mm
Material  : Drop Forged
Weight  : 0.65 kg
Plating  : Available

Technicial Specifications

  • They are used for the purpose of retaining the timber planks and platforms to the scaffold.
  • One side is fixed to these planks and the other side grips the ø48 mm. outside diameter scaffolding tubes.
  • The timber planks should be in thickness of 35 – 38 mms.
  • The top cap is drop forged. The body is made from metal sheet. There are 1 bolts and 1 nut and 2 brace lock pins.
  • It provides maximum reliability with its high durability and long lasting enduring.
  • The spanner which will be used for screwing the nut is no: 21 for the set up of the product.
  • It is electro galvanised against the corrosion risk which would lower the performance.
  • It complies with the English tube standard bs 1139.
  • Average weight is 1,00 kg (+-0,10 kg).

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